Tbh, I was laughing really hard about the whole Aysia/Diamond/Blue thing. Aysia was just going iiiiiin, I couldn’t deal. And the look on Diamond’s face was so butthurt after watching everything on the tv. Why was she even there? Oxygen is so petty, she’s not a cast member and the way they just…


Anonymous asked:

Stop. Tbh I was over literally every girl but raesha and dalila tonight. Alex and Aysia sat there all season like they was in church on Xmas silent mother fucking night, but all of sudden turned in bad asses? Jada, smh she didn't learn anything. Lo we get it your the queen move on. Blu wtf she act like she the baddest she literally slept the whole season! And Britt and redd are my faves but they need to move on and rise above it all,

whoopthatasscamilla answered:

kind of true, kind of not